Saturday, April 29, 2006

Ups and Downs...

Last week, The Kid performed in his school's spring performance. 21st Century Grandma and I took the morning off to attend. Grandman drove The Kid to school that morning so she could treat him to breakfast along the way.

I could not have been more glad to see them go.

That morning, The Kid drove me insane. He was overexcited about his upcoming performance, and thus overreacted to everything I said and did. When I tried to get him to take his shower (I didn't want a dirty Kid getting up in front of the entire school and their parents!), he shrieked and cried like a baby. Furious, I picked him up and put him bodily in the shower.

By the time I got to his school, I was in a toxic mood. The early morning whining, the rude parents, the nearly impossible parking lot, I was in no mood for anything. I grudingly traipsed into the school to the auditorium, and shuffled my way in among the ritsy, snooty stay-at-home moms, armed with their video cameras.

I arrived just as the program began, but The Kid and his class, as the first performers, were already on stage, poised to perform. As the introductory speech was made, I could see The Kid's big bright eyes zipping around the crowd, looking for signs of Grandma and me. Suddenly our eyes met and he grinned sheepishly. He turned his attention to the teachers, and began to perform.

An irresistable smile crept across my face, and before I knew what was happening, tears had filled my eyes and began to run silently down my face.

I couldn't remember ever being that proud in my life.

The Kid is typically struck with terror at the idea of being the center of attention, and that is often portrayed in inappropriate, energetic outbursts. Yet, here he was, on the eve of his sixth birthday, calm and cool, well-behaved and quiet, running through the class routine almost flawlessly. It was like an entirely different Kid was suddenly before me.

I tried my best to snap photos of him through the film of tears, but I am fairly certain the photos will be just as blurry as my vision was.

He's a hell of a Kid, and I am truly blessed.


Someone remind me of that when I try to make him clean his room this afternoon...


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