Saturday, November 12, 2005

Prepare to be awed...

It's November 12nd, and today I completed my Christmas shopping. Sometimes I'm so efficient I scare myself.

It really helps that I took the Kid shopping last week and he pointed out everything he wants from Santa this year. The grandparents and I split up the list, and my half is done. I'm very proud of myself. My only concern is where the heck I'm going to hide his loot from him. It's ok though -- the grandparents have it worse -- they chose the bike off his list, and lord only knows where they'll hide that.

If I only I were so efficient in other aspects of my life. Three loads of clean laundry loom nearby, waiting patiently for folding. My presentation for Monday is only about half complete. The Netflix DVD which was delivered almost three weeks ago is still waiting unopened for me.

My only consolation is that, with my shopping out of the way, time is freed up for me now post-Thanksgiving to take care of that laundry...


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